Minimize Risk & Reduce Storage Costs - Information Governance Solution

A robust Data Governance solution delivering actionable business intelligence for strategic decision-making

 Classify360 enables enterprise organizations to easily audit, gather intelligence, and take action on their data
in a fraction of the time to reduce storage costs and achieve compliance.


Drastically compress information governance timelines by reducing indexing completion from weeks to minutes or seconds. Leveraging GPU technology resources accelerates file processing to 350 times faster than legacy CPU.


Reduced data set size allows customers to decommission costly storage infrastructure to achieve significant savings and subsequently redirect budget dollars towards revenue-generating business initiatives.


Identify and properly manage risk data to enable compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, FINRA, SEC, PCI and PII regulations. Securely store your highest risk data.


Deep data intelligence enables strategic action of saving, archiving or defensibly deleting data. We can work collaboratively with internal/external counsel and compliance teams to implement compliant retention policies for sustainable data governance.

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AIA Dashboard


    • Connect to all existing repositories to collect a fully comprehensive data set
    • Index all data stored within a network regardless of data or repository characteristics
    • Broad framework of over 400 connectors
    • Rapid development of custom connectors to ingest arcane custom data types

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  • Leverage machine learning (both unsupervised and supervised) for insightful clustering and like document identification, with GPU acceleration to turn trillions of calculations into real-time analysis
  • Single user interface for centralized data evaluation
  • Repository Assessment Tree allows you to dive deeper into your data
  • Overlay specific trainable models onto your data to identify and group specific types of content 
  • Easily identify Redundant, Obsolete or Trivial data (ROT) 
  • Rapidly identify and quantify risk data

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  • Work collaboratively with inside/outside counsel and compliance teams to assist in the development and adherence to compliant retention and governance policies
  • Dispose of ROT data, move sensitive data to a secure location, apply compliance procedures to risk data
  • Apply policies to current data and set policies in place to govern future data
  • Easily add data to a policy based on data type

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