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Expertise across Data Center and cloud services, design, configuration, deployment, support, and installation of enterprise solutions

Saving Money

Save Money

On average, more than 70% of IT budgets are spent on operations and maintenance


Decrease Risk

55% of IT professionals experience downtime lasting minutes to over a week when performing an upgrade


Save Time

2/3 of organizations fall behind schedule when deploying new IT capabilities


With a best in class Net Promoter Score, we receive new ratings and feedback from our customers all the time! Customers often praise Congruity360 for our talented support and engineering teams and we must say, “we couldn’t agree more.” We are proud to share some of our most recent customer reviews with you!

* Pulled from our June 2017 NPS Customer Survey

Congruity360 Data Center

Located in Fall River, MA, Congruity360’s Data Center facility is the largest privately held Data Center in the Northeast. Owning the Data Center lowers our costs, makes customization easier, and simplifies modifications.

  • 200,000 square foot facility – largest privately owned Data Center in the Northeast

  • Conveniently located 46 miles south of Boston, 160 miles north of NYC, and 16 miles south of Providence

  • Staffed 24x7x365 by OEM-trained expert engineers

  • Carrier-neutral facility featuring 6+ major telecommunications carriers

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