3 Reasons You Need an Information Governance Program Yesterday

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3 Reasons You Need an Information Governance Program Yesterday Companies today face challenges unimaginable to their predecessors: the pace of business in the digital age demands constant and precise access to information, but that information is mandated by law to be protected and properly stored. While the volume of digital data surges toward multiple trillions [...]

GDPR: What You Need to Know as the May 25th Deadline Looms

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GDPR: What You Need to Know as the May 25th Deadline Looms The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is set to take effect across the EU in a few short weeks and businesses around the world are scrambling to ensure their data protection practices will be compliant with the new regulations. Failure to comply with [...]

Navigate Complex Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments with Managed Service Providers

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Navigate Complex Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments with Managed Service Providers The benefits organizations can achieve by migrating to cloud environments are extensive and well-documented: businesses can realize increased agility and scalability, improve disaster recovery, strengthen security, and create space for new IT initiatives, among other advantages. But cloud migrations can be complex, costly, and intimidating. [...]

Global Bank Saves $30M in Maintenance Service Fees

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Global Bank Saves $30 Million in Maintenance Service Fees Congruity360 believes in simple access to the best enterprise-grade data services in the world.  We put that concept into motion by building custom solutions for customers' unique business concerns. Here, our OEM-certified engineers, dedicated account management team, and business partners came together to provide a [...]

Why Onsite Data Destruction Is The Best Way To Be 100% HIPAA Compliant

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Why Onsite Data Destruction is the Best Way to be 100% HIPAA Compliant The introduction of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) has resulted in drastic changes being made when it comes to the destruction of unwanted medical, insurance and other sensitive oral, written and electronic data. As a result, [...]

Congruity360 COO Talks MSP Business with Truth in IT

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Congruity360 COO Talks MSP Business with Truth in IT Congruity360 COO Mark Shirman chats about the managed service provider business with David Littman of Truth in IT. Learn more about our onsite deployment, configuration, and support services by speaking with one of our representatives!

4 Areas IT Managed Services Will Improve Your Business

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IT managed services are provided by an outside source as a way of helping business owners improve their operations. Companies can choose and pay for certain services from an IT management company. Using managed services can help improve many aspects of the business, as employees will be able to focus on their current jobs without worrying [...]

5 Ways a Data Center Can Boost Profitability

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5 Ways a Data Center Can Boost Profitability Many businesses, especially small organizations, believe they can save money by using an internal data center management system. Dedicated Data Centers can seem rather pricey at first glance, but in the long run, outsourcing is typically a more cost-effective option. Whether your business is a small [...]

Don’t Let Disaster Recovery be an Afterthought

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Don't Let Disaster Recovery be an Afterthought Buying the home security system after you have had a home intrusion is too late. All too often, business continuity and disaster recovery strategies are treated much like the home security system; they are considered only after a disaster has taken place in the news, close to [...]

Top 5 Considerations When Migrating to the Cloud

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Top 5 Considerations When Migrating to the Cloud The time has come. After careful consideration, you’ve finally come to the conclusion that it’s time to migrate to a cloud-based storage solution. Great! But now what? Making the transition to the cloud can be awfully intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be as daunting as [...]

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