Global Bank Saves $30 Million in Maintenance Service Fees

Congruity360 believes in simple access to the best enterprise-grade data services in the world.  We put that concept into motion by building custom solutions for customers’ unique business concerns. Here, our OEM-certified engineers, dedicated account management team, and business partners came together to provide a customer with extreme innovation, hefty cost savings, and first-class customer service.

The Customer

The customer is an international financial holding company headquartered in Europe. This organization operates a global bank and other financial services investments; stringent data protection compliance is mandatory and highly regulated.


Dell EMC successfully transformed the customer’s entire global infrastructure, comprised of 52 petabytes of data stored on preexisting data systems, with a mixture of AllFlash, software-defined, and hyper-converged storage solutions.  Due to legal restrictions, the customer was not permitted to use the existing systems’ internal array reporting functionality during the migration process. Dell EMC introduced Congruity360 to provide support for the outgoing systems throughout this four-year transformation and to generate an alternative that enabled the reporting on the customer’s outgoing systems without severely delaying the project timeline or incurring additional cost.


Congruity360 engineers worked closely with Dell EMC to leverage Congruity360’s internal platform, developing a solution meeting reporting and compliance requirements while also developing custom software that serves as a long-term solution for the customer. Compliance requirements were tested in Congruity360’s demo lab throughout the development process; the customer also purchased refurbished lab arrays at significantly discounted cost to continue internal testing. Daily check-ins with the customer, orchestrated by Congruity360 account representatives, ensured project timelines, budget, and expectations were properly managed and efficiencies were maximized.


Increased Cost Savings

Lowered maintenance bill in year one from $1 million per month to $200,000 per month, yielding a year one savings of $7.2 million with an estimated total savings of over $30 million in operational expense over the four-year transformation.

Extended Global Reach

Congruity360 worked closely with the customer’s regional global heads of infrastructure across Europe, APAC, and the US to flexibly add and remove assets within the support term while also creating new and efficient disk sanitation and retention policies for the customer.

Ease of Management

Complete global system support provided by Congruity360 eliminated the need for several international support vendors.

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