Why Onsite Data Destruction is the Best Way to be 100% HIPAA Compliant

The introduction of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) has resulted in drastic changes being made when it comes to the destruction of unwanted medical, insurance and other sensitive oral, written and electronic data. As a result, onsite data destruction is usually one of the easiest ways to ensure that the affected organizations remain compliant with this act.

Who Can Benefit From Onsite Data Destruction?

At present, the HIPAA has stated that all physician’s offices, pharmacies, medical clinics, life insurers, public health authorities, billing agencies, hospitals, information system vendors, military medical bases, employers and other service organizations will need to ensure that any sensitive patient information which is no longer required is discarded in such a way that makes it impossible to be retrieved by anyone else. This makes them ideal candidates when it comes to using data destruction services that can be performed on site.

Let the Experts Come to You

Although many organizations still send hard drives, tapes and other forms of electronic media away to a third party to be destroyed, this may not always be the safest option. This data can easily be misplaced or stolen in transit, which can result in lawsuits being filed by the affected parties if breaches occur. However, these days, it is possible to have data destruction services performed at your place of work to ensure that this does not happen. This is done by means of a portable shredding device that is used on site, which means that you or another trusted staff member will be able to witness the entire destruction process.

Prevent Data Breaches

Upon arrival of a data destruction expert, a full inventory of the data you wish to destroy will be taken. This will include serial numbers of the devices to ensure that everything is destroyed. Once the data has been destroyed, you will receive a receipt, which will provide you with the necessary proof to state that the data and accompanying devices have indeed been destroyed. The remnants of the destroyed devices will then be disposed of in such a way that data on them will be impossible to retrieve. This is normally done by various certified recycling institutions.

Additional Certification is Provided

Once the remains of the destroyed data devices have been completely recycled, you will receive an additional form of certification. This will not only state that everything has been destroyed, it will also ensure that you and your staff members have been released from any responsibilities that may have been associated with the destroyed data and devices that it was initially stored on. Following this onsite data destruction process will ensure that all current data destruction regulations are strictly adhered to. The next time you find yourself sitting with data that you are no longer required to store, consider using the services of an onsite data destruction expert. This will provide you as well as all of your clients with peace of mind in knowing that their data has been properly and safely disposed of.

Congruity360’s NAID-certified technicians perform onsite and offsite data destruction services provide 100% data sanitization of devices.  Contact us to learn more about our secure data destruction options.

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