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Managed Backup Operations

Fully managed local and remote backup of all systems from one centralized interface. Certified engineers will access current cloud backup configurations, determine what needs to be saved, how often it should be updated, and the best time to carry out backup procedures. Other services include support for a range of products, making it easy to integrate multiple kinds of hardware and various operating systems into a single backup utility.


When considering the use of cloud backup solutions to protect sensitive data, two questions must be considered: How secure is my data, and who has access to it?
Our cloud backup provides administrators with the ability to manage local and remote backups of all of your systems from one interface. This provides a centralized point to assess the current backup environment and perform restores of any and all systems as needed.


End users can restore their own files from anywhere in the cloud, either on the system the file was created or via a secure web interface to another device. Restoration of earlier file versions is possible depending on Congruity360 cloud backup settings.
We offer two types of secure cloud backup: one directly to the cloud, and the other to a local appliance which then replicates to the cloud.  These agent-based backups provide for work stations running Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms and server applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Active Directory and SharePoint.  All of these platforms have both file backup and disk-level bare metal recoveries.
Other services include support for a range of products, making it easy to integrate multiple kinds of hardware and various operating systems into a single backup utility.

Our managed backup service offers the following:

  • Fully secure & automated
  • Encrypted in flight and at rest
  • Previous versions available and retained based upon settings
  • Cloud drive options
  • Management & retention of offline, nearline, and offline backup data
  • Rapid ingestion of all enterprise data resources


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