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A fully managed and SLA-driven archive solution designed for users to immediately take advantage of a cloud archive tier. Simple, secure, and cost effective, archive as a service allows you to easily & seamlessly move between cloud providers and different sites – you’re never locked into one storage solution. This vendor agnostic service manages all types of storage setups, requiring no changes to your existing environment and allowing you to immediately take advantage of cloud tiered storage.

Our cloud storage solution:

  • Operates simply – no change to user workflow
  • Features fully automated data tiering, allowing users to seamlessly move between different storage types, tiers, or cloud providers
  • Is managed by Congruity360’s expert-level engineering team to predefined SLAs and policies
  • Provides audit trails & file versioning for compliance & governance
  • Saves you money by using existing legacy hardware & moving archival data to less expensive, higher volume cloud storage


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