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Storage as a Service

Congruity360’s portfolio of fully managed storage, archive, backup, and disaster recovery services are supported from our private cloud facility or in a location of your choosing, and available as a complement or alternative to existing on-premises solutions.

Disaster Recovery

Protect your organization from disaster and be prepared to navigate an infrastructure failure with a fully customizable managed service approach. Experts diagnose current issues, assess existing infrastructure, and evaluate future demands providing the availability, security, performance and scalability needed. By selecting the back-end composition of the solution, customers have greater control of their overall disaster recovery strategy. Public, private, or hybrid cloud solutions are supported as well as on and off-premise setups.

-Efficient, low-risk implementation
-Expert evaluation of recovery time objectives & recovery point objectives to ensure minimal downtime
-Flexible SLAs to meet your business requirements and budget
-Engineer-developed disaster recovery run books & recovery procedures
-Dedicated disaster recovery seating available in our state-of-the-art Data Center in Fall River, MA


A fully managed and SLA-driven archive solution designed for users to immediately take advantage of a cloud archive tier. Simple, secure, and cost effective, archive as a service allows you to easily & seamlessly move between cloud providers and different sites – you’re never locked into one storage solution. This vendor agnostic service manages all types of storage setups, requiring no changes to your existing environment and allowing you to immediately take advantage of cloud tiered storage.

Simple – no change to user workflow
Fully automated data tiering allows users to seamlessly move between different storage types, tiers, or cloud providers
Managed by Congruity360’s expert-level engineering team to predefined SLAs and policies
Provides audit trails & file versioning for compliance & governance
Save money by continuing to use existing legacy hardware & moving archival data to less expensive, higher volume cloud storage

Remote Monitoring

We provide round-the-clock remote monitoring and event management of all storage, servers and network platforms as a complete managed solution . This SLA-driven solution may be customized to meet your business requirements, from proactive monitoring to auto-remediation of issues. Our monitoring subscriptions include access to our secure portal, giving you access to real-time performance and health data as well as on demand reporting. All systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by OEM-certified engineers.

• Gain top to bottom visibility
• Real time performance data via on-demand reporting & intelligent alerting
• Automated ticket creation
• One easy-to-use portal
• Three service levels available


A cost effective means to replicate critical data offsite, replication as a service provides a secure, private, and protected repository on a separate, fully redundant infrastructure. Enjoy the flexibility and security of an in-house replicated environment without the upfront resources necessary to build one. A staff of expert engineers serves as an extension of your team, fully supporting your custom environment.

•Dedicated or shared environments
•Supported by OEM-certified engineers
•Fully customizable with major OEM hardware & software
•Multiple sites available

Information Governance

Mitigate risk & lower data storage costs by methodically purging unneeded files quickly and securely, with minimal system impact. An integrated platform for collection, identification, preservation, management, and eventual purge of electronically stored information, information governance solution will significantly reduce your long term storage, ensure compliance, and minimize your exposure to risk.

· Maintains security of classified information
· Eliminates unnecessary storage of files
· Reduces long-term storage
· Ensures compliance
· Minimizes exposure to risk
· Processes more data in less time