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Professional Services

Congruity360’s professional service offerings are focused on supporting IT professionals’ storage, backup, disaster recovery, and cloud strategies.

Installation & De-Installation

Our implementation and integration team fully manages and executes quick, expert-level deployment of your new storage arrays. From detailed planning to software configuration and testing, OEM-certified engineers ensure that all systems are installed according to custom-built planning and requirement specifications. This service includes hardware installation, OS upgrade, zoning and redundancy testing. Additionally, we provide safe, secure de-installation services for your legacy arrays.

Certified engineers augment your services team onsite and exceed your quality standards
Service delivery at a mutually scheduled time for end-user
Verification that all services prerequisites are addressed in a detailed Statement of Work and met prior to service delivery
Environmentally safe disposition of equipment


Quickly capitalize on new hardware investments or seamlessly move data to the cloud with expert-level storage migration services. A phased methodology is applied to understand the requirements and goals for each data migration project. Each project is kicked off via a detailed questionnaire and a simple assessment of the storage environment to determine the project scope, cost, and best tool set to meet businesses requirements.

Single point of contact for entire migration process, no subcontracting
Expert engineers implement & troubleshoot all migrations
Project managers plan end-to-end migrations to minimize cost & downtime
Post-implementation review of collateral & project review to confirm that all deliverables were completed as planned

Storage Assessments

Vendor-agnostic storage assessments conducted by our OEM-certified engineers help our clients gain a better understanding of their current environments and strategy. This makes it easy to identify opportunities for cost savings & operational efficiencies and pinpoint strengths & weaknesses based on clients’ business requirements.

Expert Analysis and Advice: Utilize industry- standard best practices while better aligning your internal SLAs to your business needs
Reduce Risk: Gain visibility into your IT environment
Savings: Lower total cost of ownership by reducing infrastructure and internal management costs

Consulting Services

Seamlessly augment existing IT teams to assist with all forms of IT projects including new technology implementations, replacements, and upgrades. Our engineers have a diverse knowledge across all aspects of the IT industry, helping customers gain efficiencies and realize cost savings.

Performed by expert level storage engineers
Custom engagements to meet your unique business objectives

Data Destruction

Congruity360’s AAA certification is backed by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), an independent organization that exists to monitor and train for data destruction; these certifications provide customers with coverage via our insurance policy underwritten by Lloyd’s of London. Our data erasure services provide you with complete documentation including:

• Materials receipt
• Certificate of sanitization
• Full chain of custody documentation

Congruity360’s NAID-certified technicians perform onsite or offsite data destruction services, resulting in 100% data sanitization of all your IT assets.