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Electronic Data Management

Gather Electronically Stored Data (ESI) in One Place for Streamlined Search & Retrieval

EDM LogoElectronic Data Management (EDM) serves as a real-time document management system, aiding litigation, internal investigations, and compliance.

The tool automatically ingests information from multiple locations, including mailboxes, file shares, social media, and legacy archives. Retention policies and legal holds are simple to execute. Users search across the growing electronic data storehouse for efficient case management. Direct integration with Office 365 reliably controls the life cycle of electronically stored information.

Instead of spending weeks administering the collection of materials, case teams concentrate on performing legal work. EDM presents users with a single pane of glass to view relevant case data.


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Bring Order to Your Information

Centralize Data for Easy Search

  • Connect to any data repository
  • On-staff developers write custom API’s for bespoke
    in-house repositories
  • Automatically rerun searches on new data

Manage Change

Automate Data Collection

  • Eliminate need to collect data – EDM proactively archives and indexes materials
  • Search in real time
  • Immediate resolutions


Execute Strategic Retention Policies

  • Meet regulatory and business requirements – set up proper retention schedules
  • Build policies on any piece or combination
    or metadata
  • Lower costs by selectively moving data to
    Tier II storage


Preserve Forensically Sound Files

  • Prevent spoilation and employee non-compliance
  • Comply with FRCP – full audit history with SHA-2
  • Store data in single-tenant dedicated servers at
    SOC 2 compliant, Tier III data center with N+1 redundancy


Defensibly Implement Legal Holds

  • Apply holds to custodians, a set of search results, or individual terms
  • Hold automatically apply to new material
  • Remove hold on matter without affecting same items being held for other matters


Empower Office 365 for eDiscovery

  • Simplify Office 365’s complicated licensing structures
  • Benefit from unlimited indexing, searching, and exporting
  • All active users have rights to full spectrum of features with competitive per-user pricing model

EDM’s Place in Your EDRM Workflow