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Collect To Review

Quickly Organize your Data for Better Decisions

CTR LogoThe Collect To Review (CTR) early case assessment and document review tool reduces the time and effort required to isolate relevant data, leading to leaner collections, faster case assessments, and more timely response to litigation.

Congruity360’s Collect To Review eDiscovery solution streamlines the management of ESI from collection to review. Special connectors optimize file transfer from Exchange, social media, and other data silos to speed collections. Decision tree technology enables legal teams to flexibly combine and refine search results using a drag and drop workflow. The solution exports deduplicated subsets for a full review with a self-authenticated audit trail using secure SHA-2 hashes in compliance with the FRCP.


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The C360 Dashboard


Simplify Discovery from Collection to Review

Aggregate Scattered Files

Aggregate Scattered Files

  • Accelerate cloud collections from SharePoint, Google Drive, Office 365, and Dropbox
  • Keep evidence up to date – synchronize repositories
    on a schedule

Process Data

Swiftly Process Large Data Sets

  • Save time – ingest and index 20,000 files per minute
  • Reduce noise and simplify processing

Manage Change

Manage Change with Confidence

  • Automatically update saved search results to reflect new collections
  • Export only delta results, if desired

Save Resources and Costs

Save Resources and Costs

  • Only pay for what you use – scalable cost model has
    no hidden fees
  • Increase savings – bundle CTR with complementary services and equipment

Learn Software

Learn Software Quickly

  • Get help – project managers can execute searches
    and coach early case assessment
  • Unlimited complimentary training

Risk Documents

Uncover Risk Documents

  • Don’t miss evidence – identify password-protected, corrupt, unreadable, and handwritten files
  • Isolate, search, and export risk documents

CTR’s Place in Your EDRM Workflow