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Audit, Intelligence, Action

Uncover and Organize your Data:

Quickly identify, classify, and apply policies to archived data sets

AIA-LogoStoring a petabyte of enterprise data costs organizations millions of dollars annually. Many organizations store redundant, obsolete, and trivial data at great cost, while at the same time leaving sensitive information unsecured. With AIA, risk-averse organizations benefit from defensibly deleting data that has no business or compliance purpose. Policies can purge, hold in place, or move files to a more secure location for proper retention, as prescribed by the SEC and FIRNA.

AIA provides an end-to-end audit trail, with artificial intelligence support, from point of ingestion to policy action. Reduce your data storage costs and protect your organization’s sensitive, regulated, and proprietary information with AIA’s strategic data management.


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Reduce Risks and Storage Costs


Manage Large, Growing, and Duplicative Data Sets

  • Process data up to 600x faster
  • Miss nothing – AIA performs a deep scan of all metadata and content
  • Make quicker assessments – cluster similar documents with unsupervised machine learning
  • Properly dispose of redundant files


Properly Handle PHI, PII, and PCI

  • Avoid costly fines by uncovering HIPPA violations
  • Keep sensitive data in-house with on-prem, cloud, and hybrid architectures
  • Detect PII, PHI, and PCI with out-of-the-box rules
  • Reduce false positives with evolved data modeling
  • Streamline compliance with automation

Cloud Integration

Boost Cloud Migrations

  • Save on infrastructure and equipment costs – one implementation
    mapped 85% of data to Box storage, reducing spend by over $2 million per year
  • Optimize file transfer with Congruity360 engineers’ cloud provider
    knowledge and experience

Legacy and Proprietary Files

Address Legacy and Proprietary Files

  • Scan hundreds of file types with minimal system impact
  • Index all content with established connector framework
  • Make better decisions – cluster quality scores provide intelligence

AIA’s Place in Your ERDM Workflow

ERDM Workflow