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Information Governance

Congruity360 offers a fully managed unified archive solution enabling organizations to centrally manage the entire lifecycle of
corporate data while reducing IT spend and organizational risk. Congruity360 delivers industry-leading information governance with comprehensive
and easy-to-use discovery. Featuring updated capabilities to meet today’s litigation and regulatory obligations, data from across an organization is
able to be rapidly searched, preserved, reviewed, and exported. Easily managed in our Data Center or on-prem within a customer’s own infrastructure.



  • Search in real-time and reduce legal fees
  • Significant hardware cost savings
  • Free up IT resources to work on more strategic business initiatives



  • Protect privileged data and reduce corporate risk
  • Comply with 2015 Federal Rules of Civil
    Procedure amendments
  • Achieve General Data Protection Regulation
    (GDPR) compliance



  • Scale to support even the largest litigation
    and investigation needs
  • Collect and export data under 5 minutes
  • Supports 100+ languages

Congruity360’s Information Governance Solutions

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Audit, Intelligence, Action

Analyze and organize dark data

Collect to Review

Preserve and review documents

Electronic Data Management

Archive and search data in real-time