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Reduce timelines, costs, and reliance on IT for legal holds and data preservation

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Streamline your legal hold process with one user-friendly, integrated, automated, and defensible tool

Reduce legal hold timelines from weeks to minutes. Centralize your legal hold teams and streamline workflows across cloud and enterprise applications in one easy-to-access hub. Create repeatable and defensible legal hold workflows that preserve data with just a few clicks.

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Streamline legal holds and data preservation across cloud and enterprise repositories in one central location.


Repeatable, automated processes speed up legal hold timelines from weeks to minutes.

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Fully defensible audit log for legal hold compliance.  Single source of truth eliminates gaps or potential spoliation.

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Integrate legal hold and preservation with most cloud and enterprise applications like Office365 and the Google Suite.

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Integrates with Most Cloud and Enterprise Applications Including:

Google Suite









Hear from our customers

Hear from our Customers

“Utilizing Congruity360’s legal hold solution allowed us to automate, internalize, and gain full control of the legal hold process from start to finish.” 

General Counsel, Consumer Goods Conglomerate

What Can I Do With Hold360?

Track & Report in One Place

Quickly report and analyze all holds, questionnaires, and acknowledgments. Make notes, send reminders on the fly, and access visual reports and dashboards.

Custodian Self Service

Custodian Self-Service

Stop spending hours responding to the same questions and emails from custodians. With custodian self-service, custodians can track all holds, acknowledge, and answer questions.

Hold Notice Library

Hold Notice Template Library

Save time and work faster with your own library of template hold notices. Quickly pull up, edit, and send legal hold notices. Save for later, and re-use on-demand. 

Collaborate with Teams

Team Collaboration in Real-Time

Complete work across teams, departments, and offices faster and more reliably. Collaborate in real time on compliance processing tasks and more so you never miss a beat.

Work from Anywhere, Anytime

Cloud based, single source of truth for all of your legal holds. Full audit trail and accountability. Integrates productivity applications so you can send and manage hold notices in one place.


One-Click Integrations & Preservations

Save time and reduce risks of leakage with one-click preservation. Automatically create matters and holds in Google Vault and Office 365, including holds for G Suite, Exchange, OneDrive, and Skype for Business. 

Streamline Litigation Hold Process

Eliminate sticky notes, spreadsheets, and manual workflows. Streamline legal holds and automate data preservation across cloud and enterprise repositories in one central hub.  

Knowledge Transfer

Guaranteed Knowledge Transfer

Capture all matter-relevant data within one secure platform. Experience zero knowledge loss with personnel shifts. 

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Seamlessly Transition from Legal Hold to Collection and Review

Legal Hold in eDiscovery workflow

Discover360, Congruity360’s end-to-end early case assessment tool, indexes disparate data sources in a single repository, enabling clients to reduce the time and effort to isolate relevant data, gain leaner collections, faster case assessments, and more timely responses to litigation events.

  • Index, deduplicate and OCR datasets at 20,000 files/minute
  • Connect directly to cloud sources for collections
  • Ingest, filter, review, and produce in one tool
  • Quickly find responsive data with filters and decision trees

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