Installation On-Demand

EngineersImagine that your organization exceeds its sales goals for this quarter. Prior to this upswing, sales were down over the last year and your pipeline wasn’t as robust as it had once been. In order to mitigate the ever-rising costs of doing business, you chose to shrink your team of engineers and keep the most qualified technicians on board.

Now you’re faced with the challenge of on-boarding all of your new clients. What resources can you allocate to these installations? Do you pull your top-level engineers from their crucial day-to-day tasks? Do you hire additional technicians, unsure of what the next quarter or year will bring? Do you delay your new clients’ roll outs? Perhaps the answer is none of the above – maybe it’s bringing in the right partner to help you alleviate your short-term issues and set you up optimally for the long term.

Congruity360’s installation service provides you with on-demand installation functionality and saves you the headache of juggling engineering resources. Don’t pull your top engineers from mission-critical projects and pay last minute travel expenses to handle installations; instead, leverage Congruity360’s network of certified service professionals in over 40 countries to meet all of your installation deadlines worldwide. These cost-effective installation services are provided in half-day and full-day increments, and can include more than one on-site technician; these straightforward service programs are cost-transparent and eliminate fluctuating travel expenses by leveraging locally based field engineers.

You can remove the stress of managing installations and focus on growing sales. For help getting started, speak with one of our specialists today.

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