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Simplify your Approach to Data Management with an
Integrated Hybrid Cloud Solution


By simplifying cloud strategy, Congruity360 makes hybrid cloud solutions more widely accessible and affordable.

  • Seamlessly and easily manage data stored on-premises, in our privately-owned data center and private cloud, or
    via any private or public cloud storage provider. 
  • Minimize storage spend with flexible and competitive pricing.
  • Reduce complexity by consolidating backup, longterm retention, archive and all of your data governance into a
    single enterprise-grade solution.
  • Benefit from on-site engineering expertise coupled with operational excellence.
  • Eliminate vendor lock-in by flexibly archiving or backing up data from any source to any target and/or cloud.


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Simplify Backup and Long-Term Retention

Consolidate your backup and long-term retention archive into a single enterprise-grade solution executed in a
private, public or Hybrid Cloud environment. Achieve dramatically simplified data management and reduced risk through a
comprehensive, cost-effective and integrated platform solution.

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Congruity360 can help you navigate the best cloud solution for your unique business needs. We have leveraged the depth and breadth of our technology partners with our engineering and services expertise to create simple to consume SaaS and MSP offerings around data protection, long-term retention, cloud migration, and Hybrid Cloud Management. With a ride range of SLAs supported from our private cloud facility or in any public or private cloud facility of your choosing, Congruity360’s solutions fulfill both business and data protection requirements.

Benefits Reported by Customers After Implementing These Data Management Solutions

15-30% Reduction in data management point solutions55% reduction in annual unplanned downtime47-67% reduced weekly admin hours spent42-52% reduced annual spend
Reduction in data
management point solutions
Reduction in annual
unplanned downtime
Reduced weekly
administrative hours spent
Reduced annual spend on
infrastructure, software,
services and compliance