3 Things To Do With Your Old Data Storage Equipment

Hard DrivesNo matter how advanced your data storage system is, eventually it will become obsolete and need to be upgraded or replaced. This brings us to the question of what should be done with all that old, unwanted and outdated technology. In general, there are three common options that you can consider when making this decision.

1. Instant Cash
The first and most commonly used option is to simply sell the equipment in exchange for cash. Once the data has been removed from the equipment, you can sell it safely. It sounds easy, doesn’t it? This money can be used to buy new equipment or if new storage systems have already been procured from somewhere else, then it can be poured back into the company to improve other systems or simply written off as profit. The possibilities in this regard are endless, which is the reason that this is the most popular option for unwanted equipment. Everyone loves to have a bit of extra money on hand at the end of the day.

2. Credit
Suppose you need some new equipment to replace the data storage system that you are getting rid of. Most companies that offer data storage buyback will have some sort of credit system in place to allow for this. This, in a nutshell, means that the value of whatever equipment you are trading in is credited and applied towards the purchase of a new system. This is especially useful if you are looking to upgrade to a more streamlined system, or to something that offers more in the way of energy efficiency. A number of companies now offer a host of Energy Star rated systems, which can more than pay for themselves in the long run in terms of reduced utility payments and tax deductions.

3. Consignment
Maybe you need to get rid of the equipment, but you have already replaced it with something better. Perhaps you want to sell it, but don’t have the time or the knowledge to do it yourself. This would then be the best option for you. Many data storage buyback programs offer some form of consignment. Basically, you turn over the items that you wish to sell, and they handle the transactions on your behalf, while taking a small percentage of the sale price to cover any admin or consignment fees. This is ideal for anyone who’s been sitting on a bunch of old technology, so to speak, and would like to get rid of it without any of the hassle of selling it themselves. These are just a few of the options available for those seeing a data storage buyback program. Whatever decision you make, there is one important thing to remember: do not throw it away. Not only is this sort of technology easy to refurbish and reuse, it is full of metals, plastics, and other materials that do not biodegrade and can potentially be toxic to the environment.

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